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Healthcare in the comfort of your home.

Overwhelmed with coordinating care for yourself and loved ones?

health2me is not just a primary care provider. We also offer in-home blood draws, vaccinations, COVID tests, IV infusions, and more! We aim to be your one stop shop for all your care needs. 

Memberships for $199 per month

A team based approach to care. Primary care and supporting services designed to make it easier to be a patient. We bring the care to you.

Insurance and copays are not included in the membership fee


What's Included in a health2me
Primary Care+ Membership?

Bi-Annual Provider Visits

In-Home Wellness Visits

Our providers come to you so you don’t have to worry about fighting traffic and sitting in waiting rooms. 

Unlimited Video Visits

Follow-up and Urgent Issues

Telehealth for chronic care management or urgent issues. Ideal for urgent same day appointments and routine follow-up. 

Select In-Home Services


Pre-Visit Laboratory Test Collection and ALL Vaccinations coordinated for you and delivered to you. 

Longer Appointments

Spend less time in waiting rooms and more time with your provider.

Care Team Messaging

Easy appointment and prescription requests. Response within 24 hours. 

Remote Patient Monitoring

Better patient data allowing for better medication titration and chronic disease management.

Access to ALL health2me services

Members receive access to all of our in-home services including things like:

  • Additional Provider Visits

  • COVID PCR Testing

  • Influenza Testing

  • IV Medication Infusions

  • IV Hydration Infusions

  • Medication Injections

  • ...and more!

Additional fees apply

  1. In-Home and Remote Visits are billed to you/your insurance; copays and deductibles may apply if billed to insurance.

  2. Your provider may recommend an In-Person or Remote Follow-up Visit based on your clinical situation. Additional fees may apply for additional in-home visits.

  3. Some services require Office Visits (e.g., cervical cancer screenings, prostate exams, etc.). Office Visits are billed to you/your insurance; copays and deductibles may apply if billed to insurance.

  4. Some medications require that we first see you by In-Home, Office, or Remote Visit before we can prescribe to you, including controlled substances and long term medications. 

Primary care centered around you

This is no ordinary primary care doctor's office. We understand that taking time off from work and fighting through traffic, just to sit in a waiting room is frustrating. We’ve created a membership-based primary care practice designed around delivering care to you, at home, on your schedule.

We work with your insurance just like a traditional doctor's office would, but we offer so much more. A health2me Primary Care membership makes caring for you or your loved ones easier by coordinating your care for you and delivering it to you. All for just $199 a month.

Get started with health2me today

Give us a call: 808.452.0288

Email us at:

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